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The summer season has arrived, and now is a terrific time to plan a new landscape design for your home. By updating your front or back yard with brand new landscaping ideas, you will create a welcoming and beautiful space that will be perfectly suited for outdoor entertaining. A company specializing in landscape architecture will be able to assist you with every step or your landscape design serving White Plains. During the landscaping process, your landscapers will transform your yard using a variety of tools and equipment. Read on to take a closer look at some of the most common landscaping tools.

Square Mouth Shovel
The square mouth shovel is an invaluable tool for any landscaping professional. This type of shovel is distinguished by its flat, blunt front end. Along the sides, the square mouth shovel features rounded edges, which make it easy to dig, lift, and transport loose landscaping materials. Whether you are installing gravel in your hardscaping, or are adding additional soil to your yard, a square mouth shovel is a great tool for the job.

A spade is another tool that is commonly found in the toolkit of a quality landscape designer. Unlike a traditional shovel, which is designed for lifting and carrying materials, a spade is typically used for digging. For example, if you are planning on planting new shrubs or other foliage around your yard, a spade will be used to dig the holes that will be used for planting.

While some landscaping projects require new soil or other aggregates to be brought in to a property, other landscape designs may involve moving around existing masses and features. When a landscape designer is redoing your yard, a wheelbarrow will be a very handy tool for a variety of tasks. From transporting plants and soil to moving around equipment, a heavy-duty wheelbarrow is among the most commonly used tools for landscape design professionals.

Landscape Design for your Home in Westchester County, NY