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When it comes to getting more out of their outdoor living spaces, many homeowners choose to add hardscaping elements to their backyard landscaping near Westchester County. By installing patios and seating areas made using stone pavers, concrete, or flagstone, you can add function and beauty to your patio. Many people choose to install these hardscaping areas to create outdoor spaces for relaxing and socializing around a cozy fire pit.

A fire pit area makes it easy to add ambiance to your backyard living area and can help keep you, your family, and your guests warm on chilly nights. When designing this type of space, it’s important to consider the area that you have available, how many people you would like it to accommodate, and its level of accessibility. Install a hardscaping area large enough to easily accommodate the fire pit, the amount of seating that you want, and comfortably-sized walkways. Lastly, consider the shape that you would like and whether you’d like the fire pit at the center of the area or at its edge.

Fire Pit Design Tips by Bellantoni Landscape