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Landscaping adds life and texture to your outdoor space, improving the value and beauty of your property. Your landscape design should reflect not only your personal preferences, but the style of your property and the way you use your yard as well. Whether you are interested in front yard landscaping, landscaping ideas, or are just looking to add a lawn sprinkler system in White Plains, NY, Bellantoni Landscape offers the comprehensive services you need to create the perfect outdoor look for your residential or commercial property. Our professional landscapers will turn your frontyard, backyard, or any other setting into the perfect vista. Whether it is frontyard design, backyard design, architectural construction, or desconstruction, Bellantoni Landscape has the know-how to set you up and execute the job needed. We also offer a full service plan made by our landscape architects!

Our Landscaping Services Include:

Key Elements of Landscape Design

Landscape design combines the best features of your property with organic elements, such as plants, and inorganic elements, called hardscaping, to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Your landscaping ideas are an important factor for determining how your outdoor space will look. Some of the elements your landscape contractors will incorporate into your landscaping include:

Layout: The layout of your landscaping determines where trees, flowers, and other plants will be placed for the greatest effect. Placement of landscaping elements can draw the eye to a particular feature of your yard or home, while also providing shade or creating pathways for easy movement.

Plant Choice: The plants used in your landscaping create the atmosphere you want for your yard. Depending on the stylistic result you’re after with your landscaping ideas, plants can be used to cultivate a minimalist, luxurious, country-style, or rustic look for your property.

Irrigation: Once your landscaping is in place, irrigation can make lawn care easier by automating the watering process. Irrigation can be added in just a small portion of your property to focus on plants that need the most care, or throughout your yard for complete coverage.

Benefits Of A Professional Landscape Contractor

Landscaping may seem simple to install and maintain, but the way to get the best value for your money spent is to work with a professional landscaping company. Hiring professional landscape contractors is important if you want the end result of your landscaping ideas to be fulfilled completely and perfectly. Professional landscapers know how to create exactly the look you want, focusing on both form and function to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting result. If you’d like more information about landscape design and landscaping ideas near White Plains, NY, call Bellantoni Landscape at (914) 948-6468 today.

  1. A landscaper will choose plants that are appropriate for your location and maintenance preferences, making lawn care easy and reducing the likelihood of plant loss.
  2. Landscapers know how to enhance the appearance of your property through proper landscape design. You won’t just end up with a beautiful and functional yard, but better overall curb appeal for your home or business as well.
  3. Professional landscapers have access to the tools needed to complete your landscaping project quickly and properly. You won’t need to worry about how to move plants, install irrigation, create special features, or clean up after the work is complete.

Withour services, you will be involved in every step of the way. Whether you are using Bellantoni's maintenance services, landscaping services, or hardscaping, we offer account managers and project managers who will not only communicate the process to you, but also ensure the project team understands your every need.

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