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A complete landscape design includes elements of both softscaping and hardscaping. Hardscaping comprises all the inorganic elements of your yard, such as retaining walls, walkways, patios, masonry, woodwork, or any other architectural pieces. Bellantoni Landscape has landscapers that offer comprehensive hardscape design and hardscaping in White Plains, NY.

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Popular Hardscaping Ideas

Hardscaping adds contrast and usability to your outdoor space, whether you are landscaping your home’s yard or your business’s outdoor space. Through the use of hardscaping, your landscaper can customize your landscape design to incorporate your functional needs, improving your enjoyment of these outdoor areas. Incorporating architecture into the hardscaping can be difficult without experience. You can rest assured that we utilize our extensive knowledge on functionality as we keep our focus on aesthetics.

  • Retaining walls can be used to add depth and height to your yard, turning a flat, unappealing space into one that catches the eye and draws attention to your home or storefront. A retaining wall is also a great solution for drainage problems, preventing flooding and soil erosion on your property.
  • Walkways are not only functional elements that allow you to navigate easily through landscaping, they can add style to your overall landscape design as well. The use of stones, concrete, wood, or masonry work can tie your walkways into the overall aesthetics of your yard for an appealing and organic look.
  • A patio provides a level setting for meals, gatherings, and relaxation. Adding a patio to your home extends the functionality of your indoor space to the outdoors; with proper hardscaping and landscaping techniques, your patio can blend seamlessly with both your home and your yard.

Maintaining Your Hardscaping

Just as lawn care is necessary to maintain your softscaping, some care is needed for your yard’s hardscaping elements as well. One of the greatest benefits of incorporating hardscaping into your overall landscape design is its ease of maintenance; these simple tips will help you keep your property’s hardscape design looking its best:

  • Wash dirt and debris from your hardscaping regularly using pressurized water from a garden hose. The more often you rinse your hardscaping, the easier it will be to keep it clean.
  • If your hardscape design includes spaced pavers, keep an eye out for weeds growing between the stones and pull any you spot. Your landscaper can offer specialized lawn care to prevent weeds and overgrowth in these areas.
  • Ask your landscaper which deicing products are best for your hardscape design. Some chemicals can wear away or damage hardscaping over time, so you’ll want to avoid them and opt for safer alternatives.

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