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Get Inspiration for Your Concrete Patio Design

Adding concrete hardscaping to your property is a smart strategy for reducing yard maintenance and creating functional outdoor living spaces. If you’re interested in enhancing your landscape ...
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Beautiful Shade Trees for Your Yard

Able to boost the energy efficiency of your home while simultaneously improving its curb appeal, shade trees can be a smart feature to incorporate into your landscaping. If you’re searching for ...
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Tips for Turning Your Yard into an English-Style Garden

Do you feel torn between the look of a formal landscape design and one that is wild and untamed? If so, then an English garden could be the right option for you. Keep reading for tips on creating an ...
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Removing Algae from Your Koi Pond

When it comes to landscape design, koi ponds are a popular type of water feature that can add a serene beauty to your yard. However, landscapers are often asked about algae growth and what to do about ...
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Ways to Simplify Landscaping Maintenance

Your home’s garden design in Westchester County can add beauty, function, and curb appeal to your property. However, many people find that maintaining their landscape design requires too much of ...
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Fire Pit Design Tips

When it comes to getting more out of their outdoor living spaces, many homeowners choose to add hardscaping elements to their backyard landscaping near Westchester County. By installing patios and ...
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Ideas for Unique Stepping Stones

While trees, flowers, shrubs, and hardscaping can add a significant amount of beauty and elegance to your garden landscaping, you may be wondering what you can do to make your property stand out from ...
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The Advantages of Having a Koi Pond

In addition to providing a safe water feature for koi to live and thrive in, koi ponds provide a multitude of benefits for a landscape design. Koi ponds are quickly becoming a very popular addition to ...
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Landscape Lighting 101

Do you dislike how dark your yard gets once the sun goes down? If so, then consider hiring a landscape architect in Westchester County to incorporate outdoor lights into your landscape design. This ...
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Touring a Few Trends in Patio Design

When it comes to planning patios near Westchester County, there is more to think about than just a slab of stone in your yard. A patio can serve as a significant and eye-catching portion of your ...
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Tree Care 101

Incorporating trees into your landscape design can add beauty and shade to your yard while helping to prevent erosion and provide natural habitats for birds and other wildlife. If you’ve ...
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Touring Some Popular Patio Designs

Patio designs serving Westchester County can be as limitless as your landscape designs. Design your patio as far as your imagination will take you, and you won’t be disappointed. Keep reading ...
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A Homeowner's Guide to Choosing Pavers

When you are looking at pavers near Westchester County, keep in mind the wide variety you have available to you. Of each material option—stones, flagstones, concrete, to name a few—there ...
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The Uses of Masonry in Hardscaping

If you’re looking for a landscape architect, you should find one who also specializes in hardscaping in Westchester County. Hardscaping is a form of landscaping that utilizes stone, rock, and ...
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Design Ideas for a Paver Patio

Professional landscape architects have long used patio pavers to create a cohesive, attractive patio design. Most landscaping companies offer a wide variety of different patio paver shapes, colors, ...
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