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What Water Features Should You Use for Your Landscaping?

For homeowners who want to take their landscape design to the next level, incorporating water features is a popular approach. If you’re considering adding some water features to your landscape ...
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Get Inspiration for Your Concrete Patio Design

Adding concrete hardscaping to your property is a smart strategy for reducing yard maintenance and creating functional outdoor living spaces. If you’re interested in enhancing your landscape ...
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Get the Facts about Retaining Wall Design

Retaining walls are structures that hold back soil on one side, which can, for example, turn a single sloped area into 2 flat ones. If you’ve been told that adding a retaining wall to your ...
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The Classic Elements of a Traditional English Garden

Beautiful and iconic, English gardens offer you a great way to make a bold statement and celebrate your joy of gardening. If you’re planning an overhaul of your backyard landscaping near ...
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Spotlight on Popular Landscape Design Styles

Are you planning to contact a landscape architect in Westchester County about updating the look of your property? If so, then you can benefit from thinking about what results you would like to see ...
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Tips for Promoting a Greener Lawn

Your front yard’s lawn can do a lot to boost your home’s curb appeal. However, grass that is in poor shape can be an eyesore among an otherwise beautiful landscape design. Is the look of ...
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Edging Your Garden Beds

The use of landscape edging allows you to separate different features in your landscape design and can also help you contain plants in their designated areas. If you’re thinking about adding ...
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Ways You Can Incorporate Flagstone Into Your Landscaping

Flagstone is a flat type of stone that’s frequently used by landscapers. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your garden design in Westchester County with hardscaping, then you should ...
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When to Plant Your Fall Bulbs

Incorporating plenty of flowers into your landscape design can make your property look significantly more attractive and inviting. If you want to see more beauty and color in your backyard designs and ...
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Ideas for Fall Containers

Adding a few planters to your patio near Westchester County is an excellent way to bring more interest to your landscape design and increase your home’s curb appeal. Watch this video for some ...
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Touring a Few Trends in Patio Design

When it comes to planning patios near Westchester County, there is more to think about than just a slab of stone in your yard. A patio can serve as a significant and eye-catching portion of your ...
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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Landscaper

Are you thinking about giving your yard a makeover? Before hiring a landscaper in Westchester County, consider a few factors to ensure that you receive quality service and end up with the best ...
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Tips for Creating a Patio for Outdoor Entertaining

A patio is attractive and functional design element that offers an excellent way for you and your guests to enjoy your backyard. If you’re considering patio designs for your Westchester County ...
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Tips for Planning a Retaining Wall

When some people think of retaining walls, they think of them as serving a strictly utilitarian purpose. While retaining walls are certainly ideal for holding back soil, they can also be aesthetically ...
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Touring Some Popular Patio Designs

Patio designs serving Westchester County can be as limitless as your landscape designs. Design your patio as far as your imagination will take you, and you won’t be disappointed. Keep reading ...
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A Homeowner's Guide to Choosing Pavers

When you are looking at pavers near Westchester County, keep in mind the wide variety you have available to you. Of each material option—stones, flagstones, concrete, to name a few—there ...
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The Uses of Masonry in Hardscaping

If you’re looking for a landscape architect, you should find one who also specializes in hardscaping in Westchester County. Hardscaping is a form of landscaping that utilizes stone, rock, and ...
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Design Ideas for a Paver Patio

Professional landscape architects have long used patio pavers to create a cohesive, attractive patio design. Most landscaping companies offer a wide variety of different patio paver shapes, colors, ...
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