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What You Need to Know About Winter Garden Maintenance

With winter approaching, many homeowners are wondering what they can do to help prepare their garden landscaping in Westchester County for freezing temperatures. If this sounds like you, then keep ...
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Get Inspiration for Your Concrete Patio Design

Adding concrete hardscaping to your property is a smart strategy for reducing yard maintenance and creating functional outdoor living spaces. If you’re interested in enhancing your landscape ...
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Is There a Vegetative Invader in Your Yard?

For the health of the local ecosystem and your garden landscaping in Westchester County, it’s important to keep unwanted plants out of your yard. Keep reading to learn about vegetative invaders ...
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Landscaping Ideas for Full and Partial Sun Areas

When it comes to creating a beautiful and healthy garden design, it’s critical to consider how much sun each part of your yard receives before choosing and installing plants. If your backyard ...
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Tips for Turning Your Yard into an English-Style Garden

Do you feel torn between the look of a formal landscape design and one that is wild and untamed? If so, then an English garden could be the right option for you. Keep reading for tips on creating an ...
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Ways to Simplify Landscaping Maintenance

Your home’s garden design in Westchester County can add beauty, function, and curb appeal to your property. However, many people find that maintaining their landscape design requires too much of ...
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Get More Out of Your Yard This Season with Patio Installation

Do you find yourself hoping to spend more time in your backyard this summer than you have in the past? If so, then you may benefit from installing a new patio near Westchester County. Patios are a ...
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When to Plant Your Fall Bulbs

Incorporating plenty of flowers into your landscape design can make your property look significantly more attractive and inviting. If you want to see more beauty and color in your backyard designs and ...
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Ideas for Fall Containers

Adding a few planters to your patio near Westchester County is an excellent way to bring more interest to your landscape design and increase your home’s curb appeal. Watch this video for some ...
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The Benefits of Including Trees in Your Landscaping

Trees come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they can all benefit your home and landscape design in some manner. Whether you choose to include trees to your front yard or your backyard landscaping ...
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Landscaping Tips for the Summer Season

Summer heat and activities can take a toll on your garden design near Westchester County. Use these tips to help keep your landscaping looking great through the warm weather months: Familiarize ...
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Tree Care 101

Incorporating trees into your landscape design can add beauty and shade to your yard while helping to prevent erosion and provide natural habitats for birds and other wildlife. If you’ve ...
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What Does IPM Involve?

To prevent pests from invading your property and wreaking havoc on your plants, it’s important to think about ways to keep them away when implementing a landscape design. Bellantoni Landscape is ...
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Making Your Front Yard Beautiful

When you hire a landscape architect to help you with front yard landscaping in Westchester County, you will make your yard more comfortable and attractive, and improve the curb appeal of your home. ...
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How an Irrigation System Can Benefit You

Keeping your yard looking lush, green, and healthy throughout the growing season is a top priority for homeowners who have invested time, energy, and resources into enhancing their home’s ...
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Spotlight on Drainage Solutions

When you are working with a landscape architecture firm to create a beautiful new landscape design, it is important to choose a garden design that is both beautiful and functional. One of the most ...
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Spotlight on Lawn Mulching

Mulching is an important part of taking care of your lawn. If you are planning on mulching your lawn this summer, you may want to ask your landscaping company to use a mulching mower on your lawn. ...
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Preparing Your Garden for the Summer

The summer months are in full swing across the White Plains area, and now is a terrific time to make sure that your landscaping and yard are ready to beat the heat. During the summer months, hotter ...
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A Look at Integrated Pest Management

Garden pests can take a toll on the beauty and health of your landscaping. If you are seeking a highly effective pest control solution for your landscaping, you may want to talk to your landscape ...
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Tips for Creating a Water-Saving Garden

During the summer months, the warm days can greatly increase your yard’s watering requirements. If you are seeking a great way to cut back on your water bills while also helping the environment, ...
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The Basics of Garden Landscaping

There are few simple tips that you can keep in mind when you are planning new landscaping for your home. One of the basic principles of landscape design is to assess which areas of your yard get ...
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Essential Lawn Care Tips

During the hot months of summer, your lawn and yard will require additional care in order to remain vibrant and green. From proper irrigation to fertilizer and more, there are several steps to the ...
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All About Landscape Design

If you are seeking a great way to boost the curb appeal of your property, you may want to consider hiring the services of a company offering professional landscape design. With brand new landscaping ...
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A Look at the Most Common Landscaping Tools

The summer season has arrived, and now is a terrific time to plan a new landscape design for your home. By updating your front or back yard with brand new landscaping ideas, you will create a ...
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Easy Ways to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal with Landscaping

Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home anytime soon, investing in the appearance of your property can pay dividends later on. It can also be nice to come home to a fresh and welcoming ...
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