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Beautiful Shade Trees for Your Yard

Able to boost the energy efficiency of your home while simultaneously improving its curb appeal, shade trees can be a smart feature to incorporate into your landscaping. If you’re searching for ...
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Exploring Your Water Feature Options

Incorporating different elements into your landscaping can improve its atmosphere and your home’s curb appeal, and one of the best ways to do this is by adding a water feature. If you’re ...
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Choosing the Right Hydrangeas for Your Gardening Zone

When it comes to bright and colorful ways to add curb appeal to a home’s landscape design, one popular method is to plant hydrangeas. However, not all varieties grow well in all zones. Watch ...
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Ways to Simplify Landscaping Maintenance

Your home’s garden design in Westchester County can add beauty, function, and curb appeal to your property. However, many people find that maintaining their landscape design requires too much of ...
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Prepare for Summer with These Landscape Maintenance Tips

Having a well-kept front yard can be essential for promoting your home’s curb appeal, and now that warmer temperatures have arrived, it’s time to think about summer care for your landscape ...
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How to Grow Beautiful Peonies in Your Garden

Including flowers in your landscape design can add curb appeal to your property and beauty, color, and pleasant fragrance to your outdoor areas. Peonies, for example, have a robust appearance and ...
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Ideas for Colorful Garden Shrubs

Sometimes, adding a splash of color to your yard can do a lot to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Are you looking for ways to brighten up your front yard landscaping in Westchester County ? If ...
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Highlighting Today's Popular Landscaping Trends

Your landscaping plays a significant part in your home’s overall curb appeal and the function of your outdoor areas. If you’re thinking about updating your home’s garden design near ...
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Spotlight on Drylaid Masonry

Adding hardscaping to your landscape architecture in Westchester County allows you to improve the look and function of your outdoor areas. Installing retaining walls, for example, can create more ...
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Exploring Common Types of Hardscaping

Are you looking for ways to update or enhance your garden landscaping near Westchester County? If so, then consider what you can do with hardscaping materials. Flagstone, stone, concrete, and asphalt ...
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The Advantages of Having a Koi Pond

In addition to providing a safe water feature for koi to live and thrive in, koi ponds provide a multitude of benefits for a landscape design. Koi ponds are quickly becoming a very popular addition to ...
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Signs That You May Be Ready to Update Your Landscaping

Does your yard lack the curb appeal and visual impact that it once had? If so, then it may be time for an update. Watch for the following signs that indicate hiring a landscaper in Westchester County ...
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What Is Landscape Edging?

Landscape edging is a key element for gardens that feature more than one type of landscaping material. It can be used, for example, to separate lawn from mulch, or gravel from hardscaping. If you find ...
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Choosing a Lawn for Your Landscaping

When your lawn makes up a significant portion of your garden design near Westchester County, choosing the right grass for your needs is essential. Watch this video for tips on selecting the best lawn ...
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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Landscape Design Company

Revamping your property’s landscaping can be a significant undertaking, so choosing the right contractor for the job is essential. When planning your next backyard project, there are several ...
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Tips for Choosing a Landscaping Contractor

If you’re planning to update your landscape design, it’s essential to find a high-quality landscaper in Westchester County. Be sure to look at examples of the contractor’s past work ...
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All about Landscape Lighting

If you’re like many people, you put a lot of time and consideration into your garden landscaping in Westchester County. With the right landscaping, you can have a beautiful and functional yard. ...
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What Does IPM Involve?

To prevent pests from invading your property and wreaking havoc on your plants, it’s important to think about ways to keep them away when implementing a landscape design. Bellantoni Landscape is ...
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A Look at Integrated Pest Management

Garden pests can take a toll on the beauty and health of your landscaping. If you are seeking a highly effective pest control solution for your landscaping, you may want to talk to your landscape ...
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