Why Weekly Maintenance Matters for Your Landscaping

If you’re proud of your landscape design and want it to keep your curb appeal up year after year, you’ll have to maintain your front yard landscaping in Westchester County. Regular maintenance and care are crucial for the health of your landscaping. Your flowers will wilt, your shrubs will overgrow, and your trees may even die if you don’t give your landscaping the attention it needs. It’s best to take care of your landscaping at least once a week in order to prevent these problems from coming up. Continue reading to learn why weekly maintenance matters so much for your landscaping.

Your landscape design could look phenomenal one day, but then completely lose its appeal a week later if you don’t maintain it. Plants need an adequate amount of water or they’ll shrivel up, so unless you have a garden, you have to stay on top of your irrigation. Overgrowth can be just as bad for the appearance of your landscaping, though, so you also have to trim and prune whenever necessary. Regular maintenance keeps your bushes, shrubs, trees, and garden looking nice, full, and healthy, so be sure to go over your landscaping on a weekly basis.

pruning roses in the garden

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