Beautiful Shade Trees for Your Yard

Able to boost the energy efficiency of your home while simultaneously improving its curb appeal, shade trees can be a smart feature to incorporate into your landscaping. If you’re searching for ways to improve the look and function of your garden design in White Plains, then read on to learn about shade trees that can make beautiful additions to your yard. fall orange leaves on trees

Red Maple

This tree is among the most popular to plant for shade. In particular, the Autumn Blaze maple is a fast-growing variety that enjoys about 3 to 5 feet of growth annually. This type of maple develops a rounded crown and typically grows to about 40 feet wide and 50 feet high. The red maple is a favorite due to its ability to provide shade quickly, and it’s known for the bright yellow, orange, and red hues its leaves develop in the fall.

River Birch

While you can often find this tree growing naturally along river banks, the river birch can make a great addition to your urban landscape design. This species is also known as black birch, water birch, or red birch. Besides offering a source of shade, the river birch’s beauty can make it an attractive, ornamental feature for your yard. You can expect this tree to grow about 1 to 2 feet each year and reach at least 40 feet in height and spread.

Red Oak

Oaks are the most popular trees in the United States, and the Northern red oak is an excellent option for homeowners who wish to add a beautiful and majestic shade tree to their yard. This oak variety grows about 2 feet each year and boasts a canopy of bright red leaves in autumn.

Tulip Tree

The tulip tree, or yellow poplar, is North America’s tallest hardwood, and it’s known for its straight trunk and unique, 4-lobed leaves. When you choose to incorporate a tulip tree into your landscape design, you can look forward to more than 2 feet of growth each year and a height of up to 90 feet.

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