Spotlight on Invasive Species Management

An invasive plant species is a plant that is introduced to a new area where it negatively impacts its new ecosystem. When it comes to your garden design near Westchester County, you may encounter a non-native, invasive species that makes it difficult for some of your plants to thrive. To help manage this type of problem, you can benefit from hiring a landscape design company that offers invasive species management services.

After evaluating your property, a landscaping expert that’s familiar with addressing invasive plant species can recommend a plan of attack. Typically, an invasive plant is managed through either mechanical, chemical, or biological means. Mechanical control methods require physically removing the plant, chemical control uses herbicides, and biological management involves the introduction of insects or plant diseases that can target the invasive species.

If you think that your landscape design may be suffering due to an invasive species that’s growing on your property, then it’s better to address the problem sooner rather than later. Investing in landscape solutions now can help prevent the invasive species from spreading further and causing more harm to your garden.

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