Ways to Simplify Landscaping Maintenance

Your home’s garden design in Westchester County can add beauty, function, and curb appeal to your property. However, many people find that maintaining their landscape design requires too much of their precious time. If this sounds like you, and you’d like to enjoy less yard work, then continue reading to learn some ways that you can simplify your landscaping’s maintenance. landscape - design

Add Hardscaping Elements

When it comes to caring for landscaping, the most demanding feature is the lawn. If you have a large lawn and you could do with a smaller one, then adding hardscaping to the area is a smart way to cut down on your yard’s maintenance needs. One popular option is to install a patio, which can be used for seating and entertaining. In this way, installing hardscaping can make your yard more functional but less demanding of your time and effort.

Install a Sprinkler System

Installing a sprinkler or irrigation system is another excellent way to reduce how much time you spend caring for your lawn and garden. If you currently water your landscaping by hand or use a sprinkler with a hose attachment, then you could benefit greatly from professional sprinkler installation. Not only will programmable sprinklers and irrigation systems cut back on the time you spend watering your garden, but they can also allow you to keep your landscaping better hydrated through the summer.

Practice Sustainable Gardening

Maintaining your landscaping in a sustainable way is good for both you and the environment. For example, choosing native plants for your garden will require less effort on your part to keep them healthy, disease and pest-free, and looking attractive. Also, mowing your lawn frequently and leaving the short clippings where they fall is a great way to mulch your grass that can keep it healthier and reduce your workload. Finally, limiting the amount of lawn in your landscaping can make it more sustainable and easier to care for, and this can be done by installing low-maintenance ground cover or hardscaping.

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