What to Consider When Choosing Hardscaping for a Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens represent a popular landscaping style that is ideal for creating a peaceful and serene outdoor space. When selecting hardscaping for a Japanese garden, it’s important to choose materials and shapes that are earthy and simplistic in appearance. As for designing your hardscaping, take care to avoid straight lines, whether you’re creating a patio or a pathway. Instead, use gentle curves throughout your landscaping to achieve a traditional appearance. Read on to learn what to look for in your hardscaping and pavers in Westchester County when creating a Japanese garden.

As you consider your hardscaping options, lean toward those that appear simple and natural. For example, exposed aggregate, which is made by installing concrete and removing its top layer, is a popular choice for Japanese gardens due to its rough and earthy appearance. Another excellent idea is to install rugged pavers with wide spacing, between which you can plant moss or another type of ground cover. Finally, natural stones and gravel are some traditional choices to consider for your Japanese garden.

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