Brighten Up Your Evenings with These Popular Landscape Lighting Ideas

Illuminating your property with landscape lighting is an excellent way to improve your home’s function, appearance, and safety. Are you planning to contact a landscaper in Westchester County about lighting installation for your outdoor spaces? If so, then continue reading for some popular ideas that can brighten up your evenings this season. outdoor - lighting


If you’ve ever walked through your yard when there’s a full moon, then you’ve probably noticed how beautiful your landscaping appears with the cool light shining down from above. Landscape lighting fixtures called downlights allow you to simulate the look of moonlight streaming down through your trees and along your walkways. Downlights come in varieties that can be controlled by remote and allow you to adjust the brightness and beam spread.


Conversely, if you have landscape features that you’d like to highlight, then uplights may be the perfect solution. Uplights are installed at ground level and direct a beam of light upward. Using these fixtures, you can beautifully illuminate your home, statues, fountains, or other features.

Wall Sconces

When it comes to adding safety and function to your outdoor spaces, few lighting varieties are as beneficial as wall sconces. In the backyard, these fixtures can provide ample lighting for entertaining when mounted to your exterior walls. In your front yard, placing wall sconces along your entryway can brighten up the area to improve safety and security.

Path Lighting

You can make the most of your landscape design’s pathways by installing path lighting. Available in a wide range of types and styles, these light fixtures can add curb appeal and an elegant atmosphere to your home, as well as improve the safety of your walkways at night.

Mixed Temperatures

Finally, to create exceptional ambiance in your outdoor spaces, consider blending cool and warm lighting within your landscape design. Cool lighting can be used to mimic natural moonlight, and warm bulbs can replicate candlelight. Combining these 2 elements is an excellent way to create a stunning and cozy atmosphere in your backyard.

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