Ideas for Creating a Backyard Retreat

Today, many people want to find more ways to enjoy the outdoor areas that they work so hard to maintain. If this sounds like you, then you may benefit from adding a retreat to your backyard landscaping near Westchester County. Read on for some helpful ideas. outdoor - patios

Install a Detached Patio

To make your new outdoor living space into a true retreat, it makes sense to create it in one of the more isolated areas of your property. Instead of installing a new patio next to your house, for example, you may get more enjoyment out of a detached hardscaping area. Using stone pavers, flagstone, or concrete, you can design a beautiful and functional seating area that offers more privacy and a better location for enjoying your landscape design.

Add a Winding Walkway

To make the trip to your backyard retreat more attractive and easy to navigate, consider installing a walkway through your lawn or garden. Adding a meandering flagstone path can add beauty and character to your backyard, as well as function.

Include Shelter from the Elements

Even on a fresh spring day, the sun beating down on you from above can be uncomfortably hot and bad for the health of your skin. To make it easier to enjoy your outdoor living space, consider adding some shelter from the elements. Shade sails, gazebos, and pergolas are some popular choices for providing backyard retreats with shade from the sun. For even more comfort, consider installing a screened-in patio that can help keep flies, bees, and mosquitoes from pestering you and your guests.

Furnish Your Outdoor Space

Have you noticed that you spend less time in your backyard because you find your patio furniture to be uncomfortable? If so, then you can benefit from investing in new furnishings that are cozy and weather-tolerant. Also, add ambiance to your outdoor living space with water elements, fire pits, soft lighting, and potted flowers. These finishing touches can complete a backyard retreat that you can look forward to enjoying for many seasons.

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