The Benefits of Leaf Mulching

If you’re like many homeowners, then you take pride in and put a lot of effort into your garden design near Westchester County. If you hire a landscaper to help keep your landscape design looking its best, then consider choosing a company that offers leaf mulching. There are several reasons why you can benefit from this service.

Mulching at least some of the leaves that land on your lawn in fall is an excellent way to add more nutrients to your soil. By breaking the leaves into smaller pieces, they can decompose more quickly and enrich your lawn’s soil, and you’ll have fewer leaves blocking sunlight and air flow. Also, this practice means that you won’t have as many leaf piles to deal with throughout the season. For these reasons, leaf mulching can improve the appearance of your landscape design, help your lawn flourish, and lower your carbon footprint by putting the leaves to good use.

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