What Is Landscape Edging?

Landscape edging is a key element for gardens that feature more than one type of landscaping material. It can be used, for example, to separate lawn from mulch, or gravel from hardscaping. If you find that your garden design near Westchester County lacks the clean, crisp lines that you would like, then you might benefit from landscape edging.

Including edging into your landscape design is a smart way to permanently separate areas of your garden that feature different materials. Homeowners frequently add edging around their trees, for example, to protect the trees and their roots from getting hit by lawnmowers or to separate the mulched area at their base from their lawn.

Landscape edging can be made from brick, stone, or metal. It can be placed above ground to add color and interest to a garden design, or it can be plastic lining that sits invisibly at ground level. If you’re looking for an excellent method of separating different areas of your yard, then landscape edging could be the solution that you need.

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