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Your Guide to Different Landscaping Styles

As you begin working with a landscape architect in Westchester County, you have the opportunity to develop your own unique landscaping style. A landscape architect in your area can help you ...
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Landscape Design for a Small Yard

When you are planning a small backyard or garden design in Westchester County, you need to be sure to avoid overwhelming your yard with landscaping elements that will be too large for the space you ...
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Making Your Front Yard Beautiful

When you hire a landscape architect to help you with front yard landscaping in Westchester County, you will make your yard more comfortable and attractive, and improve the curb appeal of your home. ...
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The Uses of Masonry in Hardscaping

If you’re looking for a landscape architect, you should find one who also specializes in hardscaping in Westchester County. Hardscaping is a form of landscaping that utilizes stone, rock, and ...
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Incorporating a Play Area in Your Yard

If you want to incorporate a play area into your backyard design in Westchester County, you should consider hiring a landscape architect to help. A landscaper can help you create a safe, beautiful ...
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Making Your Backyard More Private

If you want to incorporate more privacy into your backyard design, ask your backyard landscaping designer in Westchester County if they offer bamboo fencing. Bamboo is not only a beautiful, natural ...
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A Beginner's Guide to Landscaping

Relaxing on the patio of your beautiful garden is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. If you’re planning on hiring a landscaping company for a front yard or backyard landscaping project, ...
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Design Ideas for a Paver Patio

Professional landscape architects have long used patio pavers to create a cohesive, attractive patio design. Most landscaping companies offer a wide variety of different patio paver shapes, colors, ...
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How to Lay Out Your Backyard

Hiring a professional landscape design or landscape architecture company is key to ensuring that your new backyard design meets your aesthetic and practical needs. Before you meet with a landscaping ...
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Landscaping a Large Yard

When planning out a landscaping project with your landscaping company in Westchester County, it’s important to start with a vision for how your landscaped space will be used. This is ...
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Ideas for Making Over Your Front Yard

Looking to give your home a curb appeal boost? An excellent place to start is the landscape design of your front yard. Whether your vision is a lush, green landscape, a modern hardscaped meadow, or ...
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How to Choose a Landscaping Company

With so many different landscaping companies in Westchester County, you may have a hard time identifying which one is right for your landscape design project. Here are three quick tips to choosing a ...
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How an Irrigation System Can Benefit You

Keeping your yard looking lush, green, and healthy throughout the growing season is a top priority for homeowners who have invested time, energy, and resources into enhancing their home’s ...
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Getting to Know a Landscape Designer

When you hire a company offering landscape architecture in Westchester County, your landscape design professionals will work very closely with you to create the garden design of your dreams. A ...
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Transform Your Outside Living Space with a Landscape Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve probably thought about ways you can improve your house. In addition to improvements you can make to the structure itself, don’t forget to pay ...
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Inspiration for Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

Whether you are planning on selling your home or are looking to give your current house a refreshing update, it is important to consider the curb appeal of your property. Hardscaping and landscape ...
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Spotlight on Drainage Solutions

When you are working with a landscape architecture firm to create a beautiful new landscape design, it is important to choose a garden design that is both beautiful and functional. One of the most ...
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Hardscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

While many homeowners spend the majority of their outdoor time in the backyard, your front yard should also be carefully considered when you are planning a new landscaping design. By updating your ...
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Spotlight on Lawn Mulching

Mulching is an important part of taking care of your lawn. If you are planning on mulching your lawn this summer, you may want to ask your landscaping company to use a mulching mower on your lawn. ...
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Preparing Your Garden for the Summer

The summer months are in full swing across the White Plains area, and now is a terrific time to make sure that your landscaping and yard are ready to beat the heat. During the summer months, hotter ...
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A Look at Integrated Pest Management

Garden pests can take a toll on the beauty and health of your landscaping. If you are seeking a highly effective pest control solution for your landscaping, you may want to talk to your landscape ...
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Tips for Creating a Water-Saving Garden

During the summer months, the warm days can greatly increase your yard’s watering requirements. If you are seeking a great way to cut back on your water bills while also helping the environment, ...
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The Basics of Garden Landscaping

There are few simple tips that you can keep in mind when you are planning new landscaping for your home. One of the basic principles of landscape design is to assess which areas of your yard get ...
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Essential Lawn Care Tips

During the hot months of summer, your lawn and yard will require additional care in order to remain vibrant and green. From proper irrigation to fertilizer and more, there are several steps to the ...
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All About Landscape Design

If you are seeking a great way to boost the curb appeal of your property, you may want to consider hiring the services of a company offering professional landscape design. With brand new landscaping ...
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