Reducing Carbon Emissions in White Plains, NY

Offering an Eco-Friendly Approach in the Safest Way Possible

Together as a team, we are reducing yours and our carbon footprint. How are we doing this?

First of all our clients don't have leaf piles in front of their houses in the fall. I am sure if you look around the neighborhood, you see them all over the place.

  • There is not one in front of our properties because over the past years we have made the investments and upgraded all of our lawn maintenance equipment with grass and leaf mulching adaptors. This is not to say you won't have a pile a leaves at some point in the fall, but we have been educating and training our teams on how to mulch leaves and are slowly trying to perfect the science. As a matter of fact we mulch all year round and have been returning beneficial grass clippings back into the soil for years now. This means the town truck doesn't need to come by to pick up that pile of leaves.

During the mid-summer months, we have been cutting our grass about ¾ of an inch to an inch taller than normal.

  • We have done this for two reasons. (1) in August we were trying to help the turf deal with the heat, a condition we call 'Summer Stress'. Living in the Northeast our rye-grass, blue and fescue grasses don't enjoy the 90 degree weather. We have extended this higher mowing height into September. As the daylight hours grow shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, the root system starts to grow more vigorously. The taller the grass blade, the more area there is for photosynthesis to take place.

Finally, we have added a few smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles and an electric hybrid to our fleet! We have also doubled the number of ISA Certified Arborist to our staff!

We continue to update and improve our Health and Safety Programs; you will notice orange safety cones behind all of our trucks, eye and hearing protection on all personnel. SAFETY FIRST!

These are just a few things the Bellantoni Landscaping and Hardscaping Team is doing to help improve the environment, our service and to provide our clients a better landscape experience.

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Our Value

  • We stay ahead of the game, by being the first in certifications and adaptors of new technology and science.
  • We think outside the box to create a beautiful custom design.
  • We are dedicated to training and continuing education of team members.
  • We stand behind our solutions and believe in personalized customer service.
  • We use Eco-Friendly methods that help protect the environment.