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We offer a complete line of plant nutrition & soil amendment products, including but not limited to:

Plant Maintenance in White Plains
  • Customizable fertilizer blending
  • Dry fertilizers
  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Complete line of organic amendments
  • Custom pre & post plant fertilization programs
  • Pest management programs
  • Air Spading
  • Testing & analysis services
  • Ultimate Lawns

IPM Programs: Integrated Pest Management

Pest Management in White PlainsIntegrated Pest Management, or IPM, is an effective and economical approach to controlling most lawn and landscape pest problems by using a wide range of proven pest control tactics.IPM is a more environmentally friendly approach to pest control than traditional "spray everything" methods. Even though IPM does include the careful and targeted use of pesticides, these treatments are applied only when and where insects or diseases have become a problem.It doesn’t make sense to try to be completely pest-free. Besides being almost impossible to achieve, the "eradication" approach requires a lot more pesticides. It almost always destroys insects and bacteria that are beneficial and even essential for good, long term plant health.

Instead, we strive for pest control which is intelligent, efficient, economical and balanced. In addition to using good cultural practices (in watering, mowing, pruning, etc.) the basic components of IPM include:

White Plains Plant Management
  • Prevention: Selecting plants that normally do well in the area gives them a big advantage in naturally resisting pest invasions and damage.
  • Inspection: Scheduled visits to check for brown patches, wilted plants, other signs of damage and actual pest presence.
  • Identification: Once a pest or its damage is found, we have to be sure we know what kind it is. There are thousands of insect varieties and many are beneficial. This step can be easy or hard. Grubs are easy to spot, while diseases can be a real puzzle. Good identification is the essential first step to good control.
  • Evaluation: With your help, we check how effective our program has been and decide if additional, or possible different, efforts might be needed. Because it keeps plants healthier with fewer chemicals, IPM is the most environmentally sound approach to professional pest management.

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